The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Trainers V1.0.0. 2013

DeluxeSave released trainers for new The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

Well made trainers are free of bugs, crashes, and of course the virus. Try, many times before publishing.

Lots of good options and they are:

Infinite health, Infinite mana, Infinite rage, Infinite Experience, Infinite upgrade pts, Infinite skill pts, Infinite gold, Infinite potion&items, One hit kills, Save location, Teleport, Undo teleport, Follower infinite health, Follower infinite experience, Follower infinite upgrade pts, Follower infinite skill pts, Potion no cooldown, Skill no cooldown, 2/4/8/16X experience, 2/4/8/16X gold, Add body, Add dexteriry, Add willpower, Add luck, Add follower’s body, Add follower’s dexteriry, Add follower’s luck, Add follower’s willpower, Disable all.

Is easy to use for everyone, first run trainers, then game. Press F1 and follow other instructions that come with the trainers after downloading.

Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.8 and Linux OS

If there is something that not clear ask!
Why give big money for the trainer when you can download it free here, and it immediately!

Button for downloading below:

logo manjilogo manjilogo manji

DeluxeSave team. Enjoy!